AI & Business Analytics Bootcamp @Dubai + Abu Dhabi

The smartest managers in some of the greatest companies today are utilising AI in Data Analytics and Strategy for outstanding business outcomes. Put yourself in that league with this bootcamp. These intense 8 days at magnificent Dubai and Abu Dhabi will lead to a 360 degree transformation in your personality and make you a fearless high impact strategic business decision maker.

Dubai, UAE
Abu Dhabi, UAE

MBA & BBA Students

Cohort 1
Jun 23 – 30, 2024

Cohort 2
Dec 08 – 15, 2024

8 Days

Before May 15, 2024

Program Highlights

My father shared this bootcamp with me and asked me to join for sure. This is the best gift ever that he gave me as it has changed my life. I was super charged and motivated to make a great career in Business Analytics. This bootcamp is unforgettable.

Vani Sinha
Student, NITJ

Why AI & Business Analytics Bootcamp?

This is the hottest skill for management students today. Analytics professionals are high in demand. Every business decision in almost every domains is taken on the basis of data analysis. The smartest managers in some of the greatest companies today are utilising AI in Data Analytics and Strategy for outstanding business outcomes. You will become the most desirable candidate for campus recruiters. With this bootcamp your employability quotient will shoot up 100x. Learning it in a power packed bootcamp and experiencing its real life applications across startups, businesses and government departments of world’s most efficient economies, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. One that will change your career trajectory forever.

Be it Startups or Fortune 500 companies, every company is looking for Analytics professionals.

What do Business Analysts do?

Big data is crucial to many businesses, which makes the steadily growing, well-compensated business analysis profession more pertinent than ever to the needs of today’s companies. But what is a business analyst?

  • Business analysts gather and analyze company data to identify needs and recommend solutions.
  • They work across their clients’ teams to eliminate redundancies and improve efficiency.
  • Business analysts identify vulnerabilities in a company’s processes and devise data-driven solutions for improvements.
  • As the liaison between IT and management, business analysts convert the findings of data specialists and programmers into practical remedies.
  • Meetings are a major part of a business analyst’s routine. The day might begin with an internal team meeting to preview the day’s tasks, followed by a working session with the client.

Outstanding Career Growth in Business Analytics

Data analysis is exploding and the world needs as many analysts as possible, thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. These AI-powered tools are transforming the way data analysts extract insights, make predictions, and optimize business strategies. Hence AI and Data Analysis makes a great Business Analyst. Undoubtedly, this is the most pursued career because:

  • High Demand: There is an exceptional growth in demand for data and business analysts and data scientists across industries.
  • Career Progression: Professionals can advance from junior roles to senior positions like data scientist, data engineer, business analytics manager, data consultants or business consultants.
  • Diverse Industries: Business Analysts are needed in on-demand services, construction, finance, services, banking, healthcare, marketing, e-commerce, IT and almost every industry domain.
  • Specialization: Opportunities for specialization exist in areas like machine learning, big data, and business intelligence.
  • Global Opportunities: Data analytics skills are in demand globally and skilled talent in this domain can easily have a flourishing international career.

Who should attend this Bootcamp?

Management students from any study year who are keen on mastering the power of AI in business analysis and decision making to become the coolest and most valuable managers in today’s competitive business environments.

Who will teach you?

Imagine learning the hottest skill today, Analytics, from great leaders in this domain in the most unconventional format, that is what this bootcamp would be like. Your trainers will be from:

  • Top leaders from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, McKinsey, BCG, Amazon, DBS Bank, etc
  • Renowned University Professors from leading universities
  • Domain Authority Leaders and Trainers from AI and Business Analytics domain

Where will the sessions be held?

This is a fun and unconventional bootcamp. Classes will be held at:

  • university campus
  • company/startup offices
  • incubators, and
  • cool hangouts

You will love the trainers, the training and the format.

What you will learn?

This bootcamp is not just a short term program, it will train you end to end to be a pro in AI and Business Analytics domain.

At this bootcamp you will :

  • Gain mastery of the language of data science
  • Understand AI, ML, Data and Business Analysis right from the basics
  • Understand Predictive Analytics and Data Driven Decisions better and how to master them
  • Develop a strong ability to interpret data for decision-making
  • Gain exposure to Generative AI and its applications in the world of data analytics
  • Gain extreme insights in Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, Data Analytics using Python, Data Analytics with R, Data Visualization with Tableau, Business Intelligence with Power BI, Extract Transform and Load, Statistical Analysis using Excel, SQL, Linear and Logistic Regression, Supervised Learning. Unsupervised Learning, Data Mining, Building Data Pipelines and more
  • Leverage industry-relevant projects to master tools like Excel, SQL, Python, Tableau and Power BI to apply in business analysis for most effective business decisions and outcomes
  • Understand how AI and data analysis are intertwined in Automated Data Processing, Predictive Analytics, Pattern Recognition, Anomaly Detection, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Automation of Repetitive Tasks, Real-time Analytics, Advanced Data Visualization, Personalization and Optimization.
  • Learn about AI tools to make you smarter managers
  • Go deep with AI technologies, industry terms, implementation approaches, current capabilities, and limitations
  • Develop core data-analysis skills to drive strategy and innovation
  • You will be on a self learning path to consume knowledge and trends in this domain as a lifelong learner and be a shining guide to your peers and even seniors
  • Gain immense confidence to apply taught concepts in real-time situations

You will also undergo two projects:

A – Foundational Project: It will be integrated in the 8 days of international bootcamp. This helps participants build capabilities to solve different business problems by integrating classroom learnings from various courses. 

B – Capstone Project: It will be integrated in the 8 weeks of mentorship online post the international bootcamp. This project is a live approach with organisations, this method encourages the application of a variety of tools and techniques taught in the bootcamp. The aim is to provide actionable solutions and to develop leadership skills. Each participant group is mentored by an industry leader who knows how things work in the real world.

8 Days Abroad, 8 Weeks Mentorship Online

The bootcamp doesn’t end with just the 8 days of training at the international location. During the 8 days of the bootcamp you will experience the following:

  • Understand Analytics right from the basics from great trainers, academicians and professionals
  • Know what top leaders and successful professionals in this domain have done to succeed
  • Become a truly knowledgeable learner of this domain at the end of the bootcamp
  • Truly motivated to become an expert in Business Analytics domain

After you are back from the bootcamp, you will have another 8 weeks of online training with:

Attend these private masterclasses from top Analytics leaders 1 each week.

Real-world projects
You will undertake one of our capstone projects that mirror a real industry scenario, bringing together all that you have learned.

Ongoing Mentorship
Effective mentoring from industry leaders equips you with the skills to tackle actual work challenges.

Networking with Business Leaders
You will be networking in the Business Analytics community of working professional to make right career moves and grab great job opportunities.

Career Coaching
We assist you in finding new job opportunities with awesome companies looking for talent like you in the Analytics domain.

Our association will never stop as you will an Edorer Rebel Alumni for Life and enjoy the trend updates, business networking and career guidance for life.

How will this bootcamp impact your career?

This bootcamp will put you amongst the top 1% management talent in the world

Companies and startups are looking for managers who can bring the power of AI to work as it acts as a superpower to enhance decision-making, automate repetitive tasks, free up time for strategic work and bring great business outcomes. Post this bootcamp , you will be able to hold interesting conversations around AI, ML, Data Analysis and how it will impact businesses. You will be the cool guy in the group – college or work.

Be ready for a huge turnaround in your career after this bootcamp.

  • You will become the most desirable candidate for recruiters
  • Your employability quotient will shoot up 100x with this bootcamp
  • You can be the smartest Business Analyst around in any of the top companies and startups
  • You can be a kickass manager who understand how to bring magical results in sales funnels or recruitment or operations or strategy
  • You can be badass growth hacker in companies and startups who are dying for such talent
  • You will be the most tempting talent with the hottest skill in the market

Why Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Because UAE is like the silicon valley of Middle East with one of the most advanced and futuristic cities of the world like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The UAE, particularly cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, serves as a global hub for business, finance, and culture. Studying in this dynamic environment provides exposure to diverse perspectives and global networks. The UAE’s strategic location and economic significance attract multinational companies and industries. Students studying in the UAE will have unique opportunities for internships, industry collaborations, and exposure to real-world applications of their studies.

The UAE’s focus on becoming a knowledge-based economy aligns with an emphasis on global perspectives in education. Students gain insights into international business, diplomacy, and cultural dynamics, preparing them for a globalized workforce. The UAE is investing significantly in research and development. Students may have access to cutting-edge research projects and opportunities to contribute to innovation in various fields.

The UAE boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including modern campuses, advanced research centers, and world-class infrastructure. Students have access to superior resources that enhance their academic experience. The UAE offers a high standard of living, safety, and modern amenities. This contributes to an environment conducive to academic focus and personal well-being.

The UAE is a melting pot of cultures, with residents and students worldwide. Studying in such a diverse environment fosters cultural understanding, tolerance, and the ability to collaborate with people from different backgrounds.

Dubai, once a modest fishing village in the Arabian Gulf, is now one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. The city is home to approximately 200 nationalities and provides an exceptional experience to all visitors. Dubai’s economy is not built on oil, contrary to popular misconception. Between the 1960s and the 1990s, the little oil revenue it did have was used to improve other sectors of the economy by constructing physical infrastructure.  

Dubai’s state-of-the-art infrastructure is a critical element in nurturing entrepreneurship. The city boasts world-class facilities, including free zones like Dubai Internet City and Dubai Silicon Oasis, designed to attract tech startups and foster innovation.

UAE has fast emerged from a closed traditional oil producing economy to a liberal, innovative and hustling ecosystem of prosperity of growth. There is so much to learn for every management students from UAE’s unprecedented growth trajectory.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are mesmerising. I met some of the outstanding leaders who have influenced me so deeply. I had tremendous fun and the amazing sessions on AI and Business Analytics have given a huge boost to my career approach.

Vinay Menon
Student, Bangalore University

Mind Blowing Learning & Fun

Experience the joy of immersive learning outside of classrooms as you learn at work spaces of renowned companies through exclusive corporate visits and gaining invaluable insights. Dive into Dubai’s and Abu Dhabi’s rich cultural tapestry through the programme, exploring its traditions, cuisines, and heritage, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

The bootcamp is intense, engaging and fun. The learning is not just limited to classrooms but happens across meetups, visits, real life case studies at companies and startups, ask me anything sessions, masterclasses, interactions and collaborations with bootcamp experts and peers. 

Awesome & Fun Filled Dubai & Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Tours

Learn about the history of each place you see, the interesting story and people behind it as you gorge on mouth watering street food and local cuisine as you proceed. You will be a Dubai & Abu Dhabi pro before you fly back. Enjoy the following breathtaking tours at Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


Enjoy at The Top Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai Snow Classic, Dubai Miracle Garden, IMG Worlds Of Adventure, Ferrari World, Madame Tussauds in Dubai, Museum of the Future, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Palm Jumeirah, Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner, Dubai Frame, Motiongate, Legoland, Dubai Creek and more! 

Abu Dhabi

Experience the enchanting allure of Abu Dhabi as you embark on a captivating full-day tour, immersing yourself in the city’s finest destinations. Visit to the revered Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an architectural masterpiece. Wander through the captivating Heritage Village, a living recreation of desert life. Catch sight of the resplendent Emirates Palace hotel and the awe-inspiring Presidential Palace that showcase the grandeur of the UAE as you drive through it. Delve into the bustling dates and carpet markets, where further shopping delights await. Visit Louvre Abu Dhabi, 

High Adrenaline Adventure Thrillers


Experience the high life on a yacht with various seating options, including the upper deck Indulge in a rich breakfast, lunch, or dinner option on board while you cruise. Hold on tight for an adrenaline-packed adventure during thrilling dune bashing with expert drivers. Experience a timeless desert tradition with a mesmerizing camel trekking excursion. Marvel at the desert’s breathtaking transformation during our unforgettable sunset spectacle. Indulge in a sumptuous feast of grilled specialties, served amidst the enchanting desert ambiance during our BBQ extravaganza. Enjoy even more at the Evening Dhow Cruise with Dinner, Desert Safari with BBQ dinner, Ski Dubai, Palm Speedboat Tour, Aquafun Waterpark, Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Experience high Adrenaline rush at the Dubai Hot Air Balloon too.

Abu Dhabi

Visit the awesome Ferrari World, a place of exhilaration and innovation. Here, you’ll have the opportunity for an unforgettable photo stop, capturing the essence of excitement and speed. Visit the Warner Bros World and have fun at the Yas Island and Yas Marina Driving Circuit. Exciting fun awaits you at Abu Dhabi Sea Breeze Tour.

Your stay and food will be amazing!

Enjoy a comfortable stay in beautiful Twin Sharing rooms

You will stay at the university hostel for some part of the bootcamp when university sessions are held. And then at a comfortable twin sharing based room at a good hotel. The day you check-in to the day you check-out, you will feel overwhelmed with the hospitality. Relax and unwind as you resign from your stimulating and fun filled days while in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and wake up rejuvenated.


Enjoy smashing finger lickin’ local cuisines and food excursions

A great learning and travel experience cannot be created if the food isn’t awesome. Which is why we make sure that you enjoy your food and drinks during a networking mixer, during sessions or masterclasse whether it is on the street, on the rooftop or on a river cruise. All food expenses are covered in the program fee be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, coffee, snacks or dinner. Did we miss anything :)

Past Glimpses

It is surely an unforgettable experience. Check out more pics here


Trust us, your parents want the best for your career. Here is your pitch:

  1. This is the hottest skill for management students today that I will learn from top academic and industry experts.
  2. This bootcamp will put me amongst the top 1% management talent in the world.
  3. I will become the most desirable candidate for campus recruiters.
  4. With this bootcamp my employability quotient will shoot up 100x.
  5. This power packed bootcamp helps me experience real life applications of AI & Business Analytics across startups, businesses and government departments of world’s most efficient economies like Netherlands and Germany.
  6. It will help me network with some top experts from various foreign companies / startups and other foreign university students.
  7. I will be able to explore job opportunities and possibilities to settle in that country. 
  8. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.
  9. This bootcamp will change my career trajectory forever.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used in analytics to enhance and streamline the process of extracting insights, patterns, and knowledge from large and complex datasets. Here’s how AI is utilized in analytics:

  1. Automated Data Processing: AI is used to automate data cleaning, transformation, and preparation tasks. Machine learning algorithms can identify and rectify data errors, inconsistencies, and missing values, ensuring the data is in a suitable format for analysis.
  2. Predictive Analytics: AI-driven predictive models analyze historical data to make forecasts and predictions about future events or trends. This is valuable for decision-making in various industries, such as finance, healthcare, and marketing.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP, a subset of AI, is employed to analyze and extract insights from unstructured text data. It enables sentiment analysis, chatbots, document summarization, and information retrieval from textual sources.
  4. Anomaly Detection: AI algorithms can identify anomalies or outliers in datasets, which is crucial for fraud detection, quality control, and cybersecurity. Anomalies often signify unusual or suspicious behaviour that requires attention.
  5. Personalization: AI is used to create recommendation systems that provide personalized content, product recommendations, and marketing offers based on user behaviour and preferences. This enhances user experience and engagement.
  6. Advanced Data Visualization: AI-driven data visualization tools generate dynamic and interactive visual representations of data. These visualizations help analysts and decision-makers understand complex data patterns more intuitively.
  7. Time-Series Analysis: AI is applied to time-series data to build models that predict future values based on historical data. This is valuable in industries such as finance for stock price forecasting and energy for demand forecasting.
  8. Automation of Repetitive Tasks: AI automates routine data analysis tasks, including report generation, data summarization, and basic statistical analyses. This frees up analysts to focus on more complex analyses and strategic tasks.
  9. Real-time Analytics: AI and machine learning models can process data in real-time, allowing organizations to make immediate decisions and responses based on changing data conditions. This is crucial in applications like IoT monitoring and fraud detection.
  10. Continuous Learning and Improvement: AI systems can learn and adapt over time through techniques like reinforcement learning. This means they can improve their performance and accuracy as they process more data and receive feedback.
  11. Pattern Recognition: AI excels at recognizing complex patterns in data that may not be evident through traditional analysis methods. This is valuable for finding hidden insights and optimizing processes.
  12. Optimization: AI optimization algorithms are used to find the best solutions to complex problems, such as resource allocation, supply chain management, and scheduling.

Data analytics relies on various analytical tools, including:

  • Statistical Software: Tools like R, SAS, and SPSS are popular for statistical analysis.
  • Programming Languages: Python, with libraries like Pandas and NumPy, is commonly used for data manipulation and analysis.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Tools: Tableau, Power BI, and QlikView enable interactive data visualization.
  • Machine Learning Platforms: Tools like TensorFlow, sci-kit-learn, and RapidMiner are used for predictive modelling.
  • Data Mining Tools: Tools like RapidMiner and KNIME assist in discovering patterns in data.
  • Big Data Technologies: Hadoop, Spark, and Hive are used for handling large-scale data analytics.

Bootcamps are rigorous, engaging and a great way to learn the nuts and bolts of a specific skill or domain quickly in a short span of time. Our bootcamps are run in small live cohorts at an international university location spread over a few days or weeks.

You will have around 30-40 like minded rebel learners like you in this bootcamp. Be ready to make friends for life.

You have power packed 8 days full of learning and fun. An experience of a lifetime!

This is a fun and unconventional bootcamp. Classes will be held at university campus, company/startup offices, incubators and cool hangouts. You will love the format.

You will stay at the university hostel for some part of the bootcamp when university sessions are held. And then at a comfortable twin sharing based room at a good hotel.

Absolutely. We will help you end to end to get the UAE eVisa. Right from helping you get the relevant documents to the required perfect photo type to filling the visa application to then getting the visa. Pay your visa and processing fee and relax, everything will be taken care of by a dedicated Edorer manager who will help you out all the way.

You can check UAE eVisa details here

As of March 15, 2024 the UAE Visa website mentions USD 79 as the visa fee for normal eVisa.

You will pay all visa related fee directly on their portal. We will guide you throughout.

No. Flight prices are very dynamic and they keep increasing or decreasing based on demand, hence it is not included in the trip fee. This trip already provides you the greatest value for money in terms of the learning and fun activities. Many believe this is an unbelievably low price for such a beautifully crafted and well managed program.

Well these numbers change based on demand, season, etc. But generally New Delhi – Dubai to and fro cost anything between INR 20000 to INR 25,000 if booked 45-60 days in advance.

You can avail our bulk booking flight services and fly with other bootcamp participants to avail better flight prices.

Yes of course. Firstly because the seats are limited. Secondly, you save by availing the Early Bird Offer. And last but not the least, you can get your flight tickets quite cheaper if you plan ahead.

A great learning and travel experience cannot be created if the food isn’t great. And which is why we make sure that you will enjoy your food and drinks be it over a networking mixer, session, masterclass, on the rooftop or on a river cruise. All food expenses are covered in the program fee be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, coffee, snacks and dinner. Did we miss anything :)

Of course! We have sent hundreds of batches already abroad on short trips from various domains like management, engineering, agriculture, design etc. In fact not just students we have sent many faculty members too on various short term learning trips abroad.

Our founders and leadership team comes from IITs, IIMs, NITs University of Vienna and Harvard University. We are an academic team of globe trotters. We know what the real ingredients of global travel are, for a life changing and lasting impact. We are rebels on a mission to change each students life through global travel and rebel learning.

Once you apply for this trip by filling the form below, our team will share a detailed itinerary with you, which will mention the trips, sessions, meetups, excursions and the fun outings. It will also mention potential companies, startups, government enterprises, universities and other organizations you will be visiting.

Opportunities always find a great talent, which you will become once you are back from the bootcamp. You will not only learn from some awesome experts in the domain but you will be hungry to learn more. You will get 100% support from our industry team to bag a job of your dreams. We will keep you posted on openings and opportunities both in India and abroad. 

Just this bootcamp on your resume will put you in a different league in the eyes of employers.

Our bootcamps teach you how to learn. You will be on a self learning path to consume knowledge and trends in this domain as a lifelong learner and be a shining guide to your peers and even seniors. You will be invited to participate for free in all our future webinars and online masterclasses, Ask Me Anything sessions with experts and all group activities. 

You will be a proud Edorer alumni for life.

Yes of course. You will earn a certificate from the university and Edorer both for this bootcamp. That’s a feather in the cap of your resume.

Sure you can. In fact you would earn a Referral Discount of INR 2000 when you refer a friend. You and your friend both get the discount.

Yes very much. A special batch can be created just for your college classmates with the preferred dates. Ask them to visit this page for details and fill the form to connect with us.

Key Resources

Decisions Over Decimals: Striking the Balance between Intuition and Information


Power and Prediction: The Disruptive Economics of Artificial Intelligence


Why is international education important?

Welcome to ‘The Rebel League’

International learning is for the curious ones who question and not just comply blindly, who pursue learning and not just degrees, who are crazy enough to follow their hearts, to lead the domain they love and raise the bar for others to follow.

Are you a rebel learner? You are, if  The Rebel Learner’s Anthem resonates with you.

Great Session at Edorer Singapore Trip

I feel so empowered after this foreign trip. I was blessed to learn from some top notch startup leaders. The masterclass at the university campus was mesmerising. Such sessions have inspired me to think big for my career.

Nikhil Chadha
Student, University of Burdwan

Going abroad, while one is studying, can really be a game changer. In my case it not only increased my confidence but also made me more attractive to employers on campus.

Priyanka Singh
Student, CU

Trip Fee

USD 1199 | INR 99,000 only

Easy EMIs are available with our partner financing companies at as low as 0% interest rates with no hidden cost. Ask our team for the same.

The fee above is until April 30, 2024 as part of Early Bird Offer. INR 1,09,000 post that until the deadline.

Everything in the trip is covered in this fee

  • Tuition fee for sessions and masterclasses
  • Accommodation for the entire trip
  • Food and Drinks for the entire trip
  • Transportation for the entire trip including airport pickup and drop in UAE
  • Travel Insurance
  • Local sim card with internet
  • End to end support to obtain the visa
  • All activities listed in the itinerary like sightseeing, excursions and adventures
  • Entry tickets to events, parks, museums, etc
  • Dedicated Local Tour Manager
  • 24-hour emergency contact support during the trip
  • Detailed pre-departure orientation, planning sessions and assistance
  • We are with you every step of the way, from the time you apply to your return trip home

What’s NOT included in this fee?

  • To and Fro Flights
  • Visa fee
Taxes if applicable will be added on top the fee above.

Earn a Referral Discount of USD 30 | INR 2500 when you refer a friend. You and your friend both get the discount.

Book Your Seat Today!

It’s a fast filling program. Apply Now.

Have some questions before applying?


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India Office
10th floor, RMZ Latitude, Hebbal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560024, India

Whatsapp: +91 90088 96004

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