Bootcamps are short, intense, yet fun learning cohorts to master a skill

Bootcamps are rigorous, engaging and a great way to learn the nuts and bolts of a specific skill or domain quickly in a short span of time. Our bootcamps are run in small live cohorts at an international university location spread over a few days or weeks. Bootcamps

  • offer a more challenging, varied and fun way of learning
  • use active learning method instead of traditional passive learning
  • put learner at the center of learning
  • empower true learning over just absorbing information
  • value ​​how students learn and not just what they learn
  • enable learners master the subject by working on real work challenges
  • are hands-on skill mastery programs covering fundamentals to latest trends
  • are an opportunity to work with multi cultural diverse people
  • are collaborative and offer great group dynamics through peer to peer learning
  • enable participants to learn from each other and work together
  • offer personalized mentorship for peak performance and learning
  • help learners design a real career path with successful leaders in the domain
  • help make connections with peers as well as tap into your instructors’ and mentors’ network
  • help build a valuable network for life in the domain of learning
  • rekindle learner’s passion and build unmatchable confidence
  • are true blend of real learning and real fun
  • accelerate learner’s career by 10X
  • bring a blast of opportunities

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