Offer international education to your students

Today companies work across borders more than ever. COVID-19 fast forwarded global collaboration by at least 20 years. Virtually or through physical travel companies and their managers engage and collaborate with international clients, co-workers, remote talent and partners on a much amplified level.

In such an era of increased globalization, any education would be incomplete without the relevant global exposure. Students need to get a first hand experience of the global face of opportunities, work culture, business, management and collaboration in real time, even if it is for a shorter duration.

Empower your students with a life changing experience

Through Edorer on campus courses, bootcamps and short trips in foreign universities, which are available in more than 25 countries, you can offer the following to your students for a life changing experience:

  • becoming most tempting talent in the job market
  • global exposure to working style, thought process, culture and heritage of foreign nationals
  • unmatched global entrepreneurship skills upon witnessing global startup and investor landscape
  • enhanced multi cultural sensitivity, which is a greatly needed skill for a global manager
  • increased confidence due to global business networking and making international peers
  • opportunity to work and settle abroad with increased awareness and guidance from the mentors they meet
  • 360 degree personality transformation due to this life changing experience

We are not some travel and tour operator focussing on just sightseeing, we focus on learning outcomes.

Why is international education important?

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